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It is often said that the coffee grinder is even more important than the coffee machine and having a quality coffee grinder can be the difference from an average coffee and a great coffee. We specialise in helping you find the right set up for your home, so please get in touch, see below for details on some of the brands we offer or to purchase online, head to our sister site at Witham’s Coffee.

Mini pic

Mazzer Mini Manual

Well known for quality, reliability and design, Mazzer are a leader in the coffee grinder market. The Mini Manual is suitable for home, or even cafes for decaf, single-origin coffee with doser and stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment.

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Mazzer Mini Automatic

Well known for quality, reliability and design, Mazzer are a leader in the coffee grinder market. The Mini Automatic is a stepless grinder with electronic single and double dosing and digital display with shot counter.


Compak K3 Push

Awesome performance at a reasonable price, the Compak K3 Push is a stepless on demand grinder that punches above it’s weight.


Compak K3 Touch

Great bang for buck, the Compak K3 Touch is a stepless on demand grinder with the addition of an analogue timer for precise dosing.

ECM S64 Auto

ECM S-Automatik 64

On-Demand Grinder with Timer

  • Accurate to the tenth of a second
  • Stepless adjustment of the grind
  • Stainless steel burrs, 64 mm
  • Motor performance: 450 Watts
ECM C54 Manuale

ECM C-Manuale 54

Slender design, full taste

  • Manual grinding function
  • Lock in the grind
  • Stainless steel burrs, 54 mm
  • Motor performance: 235 W

Anfim Best On Demand

Semi Professional Grinder

  • Ideal for smaller cafes and home use
  • Can easily handle up to 1 kg per day
  • Electronic timer for dosing

Niche Zero Grinder

The stylish and innovative Niche Zero retention grinder is the perfect solution for a variety of brewing methods and set ups. No retention, No wastage, No mess!!


Rocket Fausto

The Fausto grinder brings all the features and functionality professional baristas love to the kitchen, but in a more compact form.


Rocket Faustino

If FAUSTO was going to have a son, Faustino would be small and compact, but like his father, after a plate of Spaghetti, a powerful boy.


Quamar Q50 S Push

The Q50 S Push is economical, compact and user-friendly, it is ideal for low-consumption use such as home, decaffeinated coffee or special brews.

QUAMAR q50e black

Quamar Q50E

With all the features of the Q50 S Push, the Q50E has the addition of a digital dosing timer for precise dosing and consistency in the cup.


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