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With the right equipment, we can have you producing a coffee at home that is as good as or better than your favourite cafe. We specialise in high end espresso equipment and can help find the right machine to suit your needs and budget. We specialise in helping you find the right set up for your home, so please get in touch. See below for details on some of the brands we offer or to purchase online, head to our sister site at Witham’s Coffee.


Rocket Appartamento

The Appartamento is a heat exchange unit with a small footprint and impeccable design making this an attractive and practical unit when looking to maximise bench space.

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Rocket Mozzafiato

The Mozzafiato has taken features directly from the Rocket Espresso commercial range. A sleak PID controlled heat exchange machine available with vibration or rotary pump.


Rocket Giotto

The Giotto, the classic, with taken features directly from the Rocket Espresso commercial range. A sleak PID controlled heat exchange machine available with vibration or rotary pump.


Rocket R58

The Rocket R58. With dual independently operated PID controlled boilers, allowing for optimum extraction of any coffee type or roast style, when dialed in with a well suited grinder.


ECM Casa V

The ECM Casa V is a single boiler coffee machine with vibration pump. It’s compact design providing great coffee even in the smallest kitchen. Compact, practical, powerful.


ECM Mechanika V Slim

ECM Mechanika V Slim. One of the smallest heat exchange machines available, providing superb coffee with a small footprint that doesn’t compromise on quality.


ECM Technika V Profi

ECM Technika V Profi. A PID controlled heat exchange machine for temperature stability. With classic design and the highest build quality, it’s classy, elegant and with with rotary pump, quiet… real quiet.


ECM Synchronika

ECM Synchronika – Dual Boiler System with Rotary Pump

Independently operated PID controlled boilers provide maximum temperature control for finding the perfect shot.


Profitec Pro 300

The Pro 300 is a dual boiler, semi-automatic espresso machine with PID control very fast heat-up time. The desired brew temperature can be regulated via the PID display with the display switching to a shot clock when brew is engaged.


Profitec Pro 500

The classic design of the polished stainless steel housing and massive E 61 brewing group. With the practical PID display, you have the option to set the steam pressure and extraction temperature at the brew group according to your needs.


Profitec Pro 600

The Pro 600 is a dual boiler with PID display. Boiler temperatures can be individually adjusted using the PID. The stainless steel housing, colored side elements and strikingly shaped steam and hot water wands give the Pro 600 a unique look.


Profitec Pro 700

The PRO 700 is a PID controlled, dual boiler with rotary pump. Temperature for both boilers may be adjusted individually with the display switching to a shot clock when brew is engaged. The PRO 700 may be used with water tank or fixed water connection.


Rocket R Nine One

With saturated group head, PID temperature control and full pressure profiling, the R Nine One was developed to bring the best of Rocket’s commercial machines into a machine capable of outstanding results for both small commercial or home use.


La Marzocco GS3

The GS3 features the thermal stability system used in the commercial La Marzocco Strada, including a preheating system, PID controller, saturated group, dual-boiler system, and digital display. Available in Auto-Volumetric or Manual Paddle.


Slayer Single Group

With dual boilers, PID control, saturated group and Slayer’s signature flow control, the Slayer Single Group divides extraction into multiple stages and manipulates flow rate to highlight the inherent sweetness of espresso.


Kees Van Der Westen Speedster

The Speedster combines extreme precision with an extraordinary pre-infusion. With exceptional design, dual boilers, PID control and saturated group, the Speedster is the answer for those demanding only the very best.


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