Chemex® – Unfolded Half Moon Filter Papers (100PK)


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Product Information


The Chemex Bonded Filter 100pk – Unfolded Halfmoon filters are suitable only for the pint size 1-3 cup Chemex.

The filters are oxygen cleansed, which is a bleach-free process, ensuring no chemical residue or taste can be transferred from the filter. They are also designed with a cone shape unique to the Chemex, offer better filtration for a more refined brew.

Using the bonded filters with your Chemex ensures a pure flavour through uniform extraction. The filters are 20-30% thicker than other filters, catching more of the bitter elements, oils and sediment that would otherwise end up in your cup.

The Chemex Bonded Filter 100pk – Unfolded Halfmoon filters require the brewer to fold the filter prior to brewing. This is a quick and easy process. Simply fold the filter in half, corner to corner, then fold the small triangle on the bottom up. Fold the filter in half again, with the small triangle on the inside and then open it up. You should have three layers on one side of the filter, which you place against the spout of the Chemex.

The Chemex was designed in 1941 by chemist and inventor, Peter Schlumbohm. Since then the company has expanded to include more products, but the Chemex design has remained popular and unchanged since its inception.

The Chemex Bonded Filter 100pk – Unfolded Halfmoon filters are scientifically designed to produce an exceptionally refined and light coffee, that can be enjoyed simply as it is!

What’s in the Box?

  • Chemex unfolded half moon filters – 100 pack.


Suits the 3 cup Classic Brewer.