Hario® – Cold Brew Pot (600ML)

Straightforward & Beginner-Friendly


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Product Information


Delicious and smooth iced coffee is only a few simple steps away with the Hario Cold Brew Pot 600ml. But don’t stop at iced coffee – the resulting cold brew concentrate can also easily be used to make hot coffee, iced lattes, and other creative drinks.

The brewing process is straightforward and beginner-friendly. Just mix coffee grounds and cool water, steep for several hours, and then take out the strainer.


  • Grind 40g of coffee at a coarse setting and place in the strainer.
  • Pour 500ml of cool water into the jug and top with the lid.
  • Steep on the counter or in the fridge for 8-15 hours.
  • When brewing is complete, take out the coffee-filled strainer and enjoy.
  • Mix the cold brew concentrate with other ingredients to make iced coffee, hot coffee, cold brew lattes, coffee cocktails, and other creative drinks.

The 600ml carafe is made from Hario’s own borosilicate glass. It’s durable, is heat resistant, and its crystal clear. The mesh filter, lid, and handle are made from a BPA-Free plastic that won’t impact flavours into your brew and will last for years.


Low Acidity, Low Bitterness – Cold water brewing produces a stunningly smooth and well-rounded final beverage with up to 66% less acidity and bitterness.

Simple Brewing Process – Quick and easy so anyone can enjoy stellar cold brew coffee.

Versatile Cold Brew – Mix your cold brew with other liquids to make iced coffee, hot coffee, coffee cocktails, and other creative drinks.

Durable Construction – Built with durable Hario glass and long-lasting BPA-Free plastic.

600ml Capacity – Brews enough for you or your household.


  • Materials: Hario Glass, BPA-Free Plastic
  • Capacity: 600ml