Hottop P Home Coffee Roaster

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Product Information


The Hottop KN-8828P offers advanced programmability by allowing you to set the time, temperature, and fan speed for each of its 8 roasting segments before the roast begins. Once started, the electronics take control, adjusting the heater power to reach and maintain your desired temperature. This lets you pre-program your desired temperature profile and allows the controller to manage the heater accordingly.
While the Hottop P lacks the variable heater control of the B model, it still provides extensive programmability. Unlike the B, which offers variable power levels, the P controller simply switches the heater on or off. However, if you prefer a ‘set-and-forget’ approach to roasting, the P is the perfect choice, offering enhanced programmability for a more hands-off experience.
With a full-sized color LCD control panel, the P controller allows you to save, edit, and rename programs in 10 memory slots. The display’s backlight changes color based on the mode you’re in, and the Hottop P boasts high-quality silicon control buttons for a luxurious feel, unlike other controllers that use plastic membranes.