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Product Information

VST baskets are precision manufactured, highly consistent in diameter and, like a Pullman Tamper, come with their own unique serial number! VST baskets also come with a data sheet showing a number of technical parameters pertaining to that specific basket.

These baskets have been getting rave reviews since hitting the market! A Pullman Tamper matched to a VST basket is the ultimate combination!

For best results we recommend the following with your VST basket:

If buying a Ridgeless Basket

  • a replacement portafilter spring if your existing baskets are ridged, to ensure the ridgeless basket is firmly secured in your portafilter.
  • a flat-based Pullman tamper machined to fit your VST basket

If buying a Ridged Basket

  • a flat-based Pullman tamper machined to fit your VST basket

Available Sizes

– 15gram
A 15g basket is a standard double basket. Ideal if you like more complexity in your shot without the shot running too long.

– 18gram
This is an 18g basket which is an oversized double basket. Ideal if you like a double shot but with a bit more richness. Note that your portafilter requires of at least 23.0mm to accept this basket.

– 20gram
This is a 20g basket. Note that your portafilter requires an internal depth of at least 25.4mm to accept this basket.

– 22gram
This is a 22g basket which is a triple basket. Ideal if you like really strong / rich coffee! Note however due to the depth of these baskets that they require either a bottomless portafilter or a regular portafilter with an internal depth of at least 27mm.

Portafilter Spring

If your machine came with ridged baskets and you’re getting a ridgeless double basket, it’s a good idea to buy a replacement portafilter spring at the same time. Ridgeless baskets require a stronger spring than ridged baskets, such as on those shipped with the Rancilio Silvia, and experience shows the basket is prone to drop out of the portafilter if the spring is not replaced. However be aware that you may have difficulty fitting ridged baskets with the stronger spring in place so don’t throw away your old spring if you intend to still use ridged baskets.

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